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With the overwhelming demand for disinfecting service to kill the Covid-19 and low accessibility disinfecting products that are non-toxic, people, pet and food area friendly. We are safe for Hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, offices buildings, homes and vehicles. We make it affordable to kill Covid-19 along with many other viruses.

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Regular cleaning isn't always enough to get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. Get the deep-clean your home or business needs from your local sanitizing company.

The Sanitizers offers complete disinfecting services for homes and businesses throughout Texarkana and Benton, AR. We have access to professional-grade disinfecting solutions that can be used on almost every surface in your home or office. From your bathrooms to your dining tables, we'll leave your space germ-free.

The Sanitizers


Most over-the-counter cleaning products aren't strong enough to combat the dangerous bacteria and viruses that float around during cold and flu season. And those that are strong enough, like chlorine and bleach, contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous. The Sanitizers uses EPA-approved sanitizing products that are proven to eliminate traces of:

• Coronavirus
• H1N1
• Norovirus
• Hepatitis B & C
• E. coli

These germs can live on surfaces like countertops and doorknobs for days, infecting everyone who comes in contact. Keep your family and employees safe with home disinfecting services and commercial sanitizing services in Benton or Texarkana, AR and all surrounding areas